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Let us introduce ourselves…

We have been trying to be of the highest quality, the most reliable and innovative since 1965!

We set out as a workshop hammering metal 50 years ago... We grew, as the housing, business and ship building sectors grew and laid the foundations for today. We are continuing to grow with our General Head Office extending over an indoors area of about 15 thousand square meters in Esenyurt, Istanbul, our production facilities and our new facility investment extending over an area of 30 thousand square meters today.

We have become the meeting point of progress and solution...

Keeping a close eye on the developing casting Technologies in the globalizing world market, we diversified our products and increased our product quality day by day. For us, quality is superior to profit and customer satisfaction is superior to everything else. Therefore, while diversifying our products, we take the needs of our customers into consideration.

The designing, casting, production, assembly, testing and checking of the products we produce are carried out at our own facilities, by our own expert team. By this means, we can guarantee the quality of all business processes. We constantly invest in our R&D (Research & Development) department to offer finer and more reliable products to our customers and carry out all the analysis and modeling processes from designation to production in computer environment.

We are enjoying the pride of being an example in the sector with qualified personnel of 325 people consisting of engineers (10%) and technicians (12%). Because we know very well that quality and success are closely related to personnel structure and have a high opinion of this issue. We constantly improve our personnel quality through in-house training seminars. We are also preferred by our customers for our quality, services and delivery times. We provide our customers with the highest level of services and logistic support under all circumstances with 65 elite dealerships all over Turkey.

We are expanding to move forward; we have put our casting line into service!

Continuing its investments in line with its goal of becoming a world brand in its field of business, Duyar Vana put its fully automatic molding and casting line into service in its new facilities in Gurpinar in April, 2008. A SINTO FBO III automatic molding machine ( with a capacity of 120 degrees/hour), 3 pneumatic molding presses and 3 induction furnaces with 2000 kg, 750 kg and 350 kg capacities are available in the iron foundry established within a the concept of innovation and progress. Brass blends, bronze blends and aluminum blends, as well as pig iron and nodular cast iron types, can be cast in this iron foundry, where a total of 45 people are employed.

There is also a model house within the iron foundry and models processed at the vertical processing center in the casting line are attached to panels as araldite or aluminum. Thanks to the sand testing system available within the iron foundry- this system is of Japan Sinto brand-, we can measure such values as gas transmission, wet printing durability, compressibility, humidity, temperature etc. Furthermore, a spectrometer, Quick Lab C, Si tester, pulling test equipment, stiffness measurement equipment are also being used in the iron foundry as testing and quality control equipments.